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More than a guard staffing agency – we pride ourselves on providing superior security services and industry-leading training. The result is the highest level of safety and security for our diverse range of clients

Well-Trained Security Officers:
Our First Line of Defense

At Valkyrie Private Security, we take great pride in our highly trained and skilled
security officers. They are the ones who ensure the safety and security of our clients, and their
dedication and commitment to their duties are the backbone of our operations.

Why We’re Different

Our company goes beyond the typical security guard services by offering a comprehensive
approach to safety and security. We understand that our clients need more than just a security guard,
so we provide a range of solutions that cover all aspects of their security needs.

Some of our key advantages are:

Extensive Experience

Extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the security industry ensuring tailored solutions for every unique situation.

Personal Approach

Personal approach that puts the client first, utilizing technology to improve communication and provide real-time security status.

Qualified & Professional Security Guards

Rigorous hiring process and dedicated to providing industry-leading professional development and training for every Valkyrie security officer.

Our Mission

As a leading provider of security professional services in the greater Puget Sound area, our mission is to deliver the highest quality security services to safeguard your most valuable assets, ensuring peace of mind for our diverse clientele.

We are steadfast in our commitment to employing the best-trained security officers in the industry, ready to secure any commercial or private entity, from retail businesses, commercial real estate, and healthcare to educational institutions, government facilities, and homeowners’ associations.


We want to keep you safe no matter where you are, no matter what the situation. That’s why we offer a variety of services to meet all your security needs. Contact us for any of the following:

Physical Protective Services:

These security services protect physical assets, properties, and people. Our physical protective services are aimed at preventing or minimizing various security risks, including theft, vandalism, trespassing, workplace violence, and other potential threats. We’ll help create a secure and safe environment for individuals, businesses, and communities.

Protective services may include monitoring and managing entry to secure areas, security patrols, CCTV monitoring, emergency response services, crowd control, protection of high-profile individuals or celebrities, and loss prevention.

Dismounted or Mobile Security:

This refers to the security measures and protocols implemented for personnel who are operating outside of protected areas or vehicles. We’ll ensure the safety and security of individuals who are on foot, such as soldiers, law enforcement officers, or civilian personnel performing tasks in potentially dangerous environments. Dismounted/mobile security may include the use of personal protective equipment, communications systems, weapons, and tactics to mitigate risks and protect individuals in mobile or dismounted operations.

Armed & Unarmed Security:

Armed security refers to individuals who carry firearms and are authorized to use them if necessary to protect themselves or others. Our armed guards will provide security in high-risk or sensitive environments where there is a potential threat of violence or harm.

Unarmed security refers to individuals who do not carry firearms and primarily rely on their physical presence and communication skills to maintain security. This is a good option for locations such as malls, office buildings, and residential complexes where the risk of violence is relatively lower.

Both armed and unarmed security personnel are responsible for preventing theft, maintaining order, monitoring surveillance systems, controlling access to premises, and intervening in crisis situations. The choice of whether to employ armed or unarmed security depends on the specific needs and level of risk associated with the location or situation.

Executive Security Protection:

This includes a range of services and strategies designed to protect high-level executives, such as CEOs, company founders, government officials, and other high-profile individuals from potential threats and harm.

Executive security professionals are responsible for assessing risks, developing security plans, conducting threat assessments, and implementing necessary measures to mitigate these risks.

Additionally, executive security protection may include measures such as secure transportation arrangements, monitoring of communication and electronic devices, surveillance and monitoring of premises, background checks on employees and visitors, and the implementation of security protocols at home, office, and during travel.

The goal of executive security protection is to ensure the safety, privacy, and well-being of high-profile individuals by proactively identifying and addressing potential security threats and taking steps to minimize risk.

Event Security:

Event security refers to the measures and protocols put in place to ensure the safety and security of participants, attendees, staff, and the venue during an event. We’ll implement various security measures including risk assessment, crowd control, access control, patrolling, surveillance, emergency response planning, and coordination with law enforcement agencies. Event security aims to prevent and address potential threats such as disruptions, violence, theft, vandalism, and terrorism and ensures the smooth and safe operation of the event.

Reception and Concierge Services:

These services refer to the staff and services provided at the front desk or reception area of a hotel, resort, or other hospitality establishments. These services are responsible for welcoming guests, checking them in and out, handling their requests and inquiries, and providing assistance throughout their stay.

The reception staff is usually the guests’ first point of contact and plays a crucial role in creating a positive impression and ensuring a smooth stay. They are responsible for greeting guests, processing their reservations, verifying their identification and payment details, and providing them with room keys and any necessary information about the hotel and its facilities.

Concierge services, on the other hand, go beyond the basic front desk duties and focus on providing personalized assistance and recommendations to enhance the guest experience. They help with arranging transportation, booking restaurants and tours, providing information about local attractions and events, and addressing any specific requests or needs that guests may have.

Alarm Monitoring and Dispatch Services:

Alarm monitoring and dispatch services involve monitoring and responding to alarms triggered by various security systems, such as burglar alarms, fire alarms, and medical alert systems. When an alarm is activated, we’ll receive a signal and verify the alarm by contacting the property or individual associated with the alarm. If necessary, we’ll dispatch the appropriate emergency responders, such as the police, fire department, or medical personnel. This ensures a timely and appropriate response to emergencies or security breaches, providing an added layer of safety and protection.

Commitment to Local Communities

We are proud to be a part of the greater Puget Sound community, and we are dedicated to providing security services
that contribute to a safer, more secure environment for everyone. Our commitment goes beyond just our clients — we strive to
make a positive impact on the local communities where we operate.

Our commitment to excellence, combined with our comprehensive approach to security, sets us apart in the industry.
Trust us to protect what matters most to you.

Join Our Team

Valkyrie Private Security is always on the lookout for talented individuals who are ready to join our team. We are an equal-opportunity employer looking for ambitious team members in a fast-growing industry. Develop professional credentials with a company that cares about you. We offer competitive wages and understand the importance of work/life balance. Valkyrie proudly offers paid training for all staff on a monthly basis.

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